ICG Archives Committee Report


Chartered by Acting ICG President Nora Mai to better make archive materials
available to members and the general public


Committee members: Andy Trembley, Betsy Delaney, Carole Parker, Stephen Tang, Jeff Morris, John O’Halloran, Kevin Roche, Pierre Pettinger, the acting President Nora Mai, & Cat Devereaux

Committee Goals: To design and implement an online system to present archive
materials on the ICG website. The committee is also considering offering
member galleries to encourage member contributions to the archives and
provide additional materials to publish.


A prototype for the ICG archives gallery has been established with Kevin and others revamping the photos on the Costume-Con website.  This is the model we will follow when the committee has determined how to proceed in putting at least some of the archives online.


Immediate goals:   Determine any short term legal issues regarding posting of pics.  Make a final decision on a proposal on what will be accessible and what may be a "value added" access for members.   This will be ironed out, hopefully, in the next 2 months following the annual meeting.


Short term goal: get permissions from selected photographers to post
their pics.  Encourage fan photogs to upload their pictures, thereby
providing additional content.  Avoid repetition of subject matter/events.  Time frame:  6 – 9 months.


Medium term goals: Determine how much of the photo archives we think we
can post.   Wrangle with legal issues regarding possible video archives
access - what we can put up, who gets to see them, etc.  Find a server to
hold possible video files.  Discuss other ways not Internet-related that
selected video archive material can be brought to the public.  Discuss such
issues as what additional info might be posted along with any video file
viewed - somewhat in the same way the photos are/will be.  Time frame: a year to 18 months


Long term goals: Determine what way to implement video archive access.  This
includes what access there may be for members only.  Begin to upload selected video.  Encourage sources to contribute.  Promote the archives as a place to showcase costuming venues.