ICG Board of Directors
Resolutions and Voting Tally

Motion 0304--1. Status: passed at Annual Meeting

Motion made by Betsy Delaney seconded by Dana MacDermott.

WHEREAS both members and non-members of the International Costumers' Guild have expressed dissatisfaction with the ICG Masquerade Guidelines as they now exist;

AND WHEREAS it appears that most of the dissatisfaction lies in the form rather than the substance of the guidelines;

AND WHEREAS certain topics pertinent to the concept of the guidelines were not addressed in the original document;

IT IS MOVED that the International Costumers' Guild establish a committee to study and make recommendations regarding rewriting, modifying and expanding the ICG Masquerade Guidelines.

IT IS FURTHER MOVED that the responsibilities of the committee shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Strengthen the focus on fairness in competition
  2. Improve the clarity of the text
  3. Make the guidelines more approachable
  4. Preserve the basic concepts of the current guidelines
  5. Create a new draft of the ICG Masquerade Guidelines

IT IS RECOMMENDED that the committee consist of the following individuals:

  1. Andy Trembley (Co-Chair) GBACG
  2. Betsy Delaney (Co-Chair) NJ/NYCG
  3. Karen Dick - Costume-Con Service Mark Owner
  4. Dana MacDermott - SiWeb
  5. Bruce Mai - SLCG
  6. Kevin Roche - GBACG
  7. Byron Connell - NJ/NYCG
  8. John O'Halloran - GBACG

IT IS RECOGNIZED that the ICG president shall retain final authority to appoint these or any other individuals to the committee.

IT IS FURTHER RECOGNIZED that in accordance with common procedure the ICG president shall serve as a de facto member of the committee.

President (Carl Mami)  
Vice-President (Nora Mai)  
Recording Secretary (Dana MacDermott)  
Corresponding Secretary (Randall Whitlock)  
Treasurer (Dora Buck)  
Australian Costumers Guild (Charlie Sweeney)  
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Northwest (Vicki Glover)  
Chicagoland Costumers Guild (Barbara Wright)  
Costumers Guild West (Darla Kruger)  
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (Tony Lunn)  
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild (Ann Stephens)  
Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Society (MaryAlice Rensa)  
Greater Sacramento Area Costumers Guild  
Millenium Costumers (Mike Bruno)  
NJ/NY Costumers Guild (Betsy Delaney)  
Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Dina Flockhart)  
St. Louis Costumers Guild (Bruce Mai)  :
Silicon Web Costumers Guild (Sharon Trembley)  
Southwest Costumers Guild (Frances Burns)  
Utah Costumers Guild (Dave Doerring)  
Western Canadian Costumers Guild (Eileen Capes)  

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