ICG Board of Directors
Resolutions and Voting Tally

Motion 0404--1. Status: voting

Motion made by Pierre Pettinger seconded by Dana MacDermott.

This is a Parliamentary Motion.

Moved to amend Standing Rule 3: Remove $4.00 and replace with $6.00(current text of SR 3 below)

3 Dues for the Corporation shall be set at $4.00 [U.S.] per member per year. [Adopted 2/15/90; amended 1/3/01 by Board of Directors]

President (Carl Mami)  
Vice-President (Nora Mai) YES
Recording Secretary (Dana MacDermott) YES
Corresponding Secretary (Sandy Pettinger)  
Treasurer (Dora Buck) YES
Australian Costumers Guild (Charlie Sweeney)  
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Northwest (Vicki Glover) YES
Chicagoland Costumers Guild (Valerie Roberts) YES
Costumers Guild West (Darla Kruger) YES
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (Kendra Van Cleave)  
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild (Ann Stephens)  
Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Society (MaryAlice Rensa)  
Greater Sacramento Area Costumers Guild  
Millenium Costumers (Mike Bruno)  
NJ/NY Costumers Guild (Betsy Delaney) YES
Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Dina Flockhart)  
St. Louis Costumers Guild (Bruce Mai) YES
Silicon Web Costumers Guild (Sharon Trembley)  
Southwest Costumers Guild (Frances Burns) abstain
Utah Costumers Guild (Dave Doerring)  
Western Canadian Costumers Guild (Eileen Capes)  

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