ICG Board of Directors
Resolutions and Voting Tally

Motion 1103-04. Status: Closed--Motion passes 9-0

Moved: Replace existing Standing Rule 5 with new Standing Rule

Each chapter shall send to the Corporation Treasurer monthly, by the 7th day of each month, an updated list of the names and addresses, (where provided) electronic mail addresses and phone numbers of all new and/or renewing members. The chapter shall remit the dues set in Standing Rule 3 for all new and/or renewing members included with each monthly update. Effective January 1, 1995, all new members whose dues are received by the Corporation Treasurer will be assigned a membership expiration date which shall be the last day of the month, one (1) year after the dated payment. Renewing members' expiration dates will be extended one (1) year from their current expiration dates, unless the membership has lapsed more than three (3) months, in which case the member will be assigned a new expiration month, in accordance with the new member policy as stated above. Such updates shall also include changes of names and addresses, (where provided) electronic mail addresses and phone numbers, and any changes in membership status of existing members. Annually, on January 7, each chapter shall provide a complete list of all members of record, including all contact information as listed above, for review by the Corporation Treasurer. [Adopted 2/15/90; amended 5/25/92, 2/15/93, and 5/29/95]

Motion made by Betsy Delaney, Seconded by Nora Mai.

President (Carl Mami)  
Vice-President (Nora Mai) YES
Recording Secretary (Dana MacDermott) YES
Corresponding Secretary (Randall Whitlock) YES
Treasurer (Dora Buck) YES
Australian Costumers Guild (Charlie Sweeney)  
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Northwest (Vicki Glover)  
Chicagoland Costumers Guild (Barbara Wright)  
Costumers Guild West (Darla Kruger)  
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (Tony Lunn)  
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild (Ann Stephens) YES
Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Society (MaryAlice Rensa) YES
Greater Sacramento Area Costumers Guild  
Millenium Costumers (Mike Bruno)  
NJ/NY Costumers Guild (Betsy Delaney) YES
Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Dina Flockhart)  
St. Louis Costumers Guild (Bruce Mai) YES
Silicon Web Costumers Guild (Sharon Trembley)  
Southwest Costumers Guild (Frances Burns)  
Utah Costumers Guild (Dave Doerring)  
Western Canadian Costumers Guild (Eileen Capes) YES

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