ICG Board of Directors
Resolutions and Voting Tally

Motion 1103-09. Status: Closed--motion passes 9-0


In Standing Rule 11 add the word [the] between "It shall be" and "custom of each chapter." in the second sentence.

Amend Standing Rules 12-14 to read as follows:

12) The Annual Meeting of the International Costumers' Guild shall be held at the annual Costume-Con(R) conference. In the event that a Costume-Con conference is not held in a given year, the Board of Directors shall determine a site and date for an annual meeting to be held. Such a determination may be made as the last item of business for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors. Annual Meetings may be held in an exclusive venue or in conjunction with an established conference or convention. [Amended 4/21/03] 13) In recognition of the importance of the annual Costume-Con conference, and the long-standing relationship of the International Costumers' Guild and Costume-Con conferences, the ICG shall perform reasonable activities to promote the annual Costume-Con conferences. Such promotions can include, but are not limited to, the Annual Meeting of the ICG, media promotions such as newspaper, radio or other media, access to ICG functions for Costume-Con conference promotions, and as a source of classes, panels or other needs of the Costume-Con conference. [Amended 4/21/2003] 14) Individual chapters or the ICG as a whole may initiate a bid for a Costume-Con conference in accordance with the provisions of the Costume-Con Constitution. Any fiduciary responsibility, in this instance, remains with the chapter initiating the bid and not with the ICG as a whole. [Amended 4/21/03] Append the footnote "Costume-Con Conference(R) is a registered Service Mark owned by Karen Dick and Kelly Turner" to the Standing Rules

In Standing Rule 17 add [& Peggy] between "Pat" and "Kennedy Memorial Archives"

In Standing Rule 18 add [:] after the phrase "it shall also be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to" in the first sentence.

Motion made by Betsy Delaney, Seconded by Nora Mai.

President (Carl Mami)  
Vice-President (Nora Mai) YES
Recording Secretary (Dana MacDermott) YES
Corresponding Secretary (Randall Whitlock) YES
Treasurer (Dora Buck) YES
Australian Costumers Guild (Charlie Sweeney)  
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Northwest (Vicki Glover)  
Chicagoland Costumers Guild (Barbara Wright)  
Costumers Guild West (Darla Kruger)  
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (Tony Lunn)  
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild (Ann Stephens) YES
Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Society (MaryAlice Rensa) YES
Greater Sacramento Area Costumers Guild  
Millenium Costumers (Mike Bruno)  
NJ/NY Costumers Guild (Betsy Delaney) YES
Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Dina Flockhart)  
St. Louis Costumers Guild (Bruce Mai) YES
Silicon Web Costumers Guild (Sharon Trembley)  
Southwest Costumers Guild (Frances Burns)  
Utah Costumers Guild (Dave Doerring)  
Western Canadian Costumers Guild (Eileen Capes) YES

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