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Elaine  6:21 AM
Just a reminder: if this is the new official communications for the BoD, check-ins will need to move here/ direct email to @Anne Davenport. So,  in that light,  I'm here, and still can't see. 


Elaine Sims
SiWeb VP & BoD rep
GEL Admin assistant


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Elaine  2 years ago
Here,  still can't see. Elaine Sims
SiWeb VP & BoD rep
GEL Admin assistant (edited) 

Also sent to the channel


Betsy R. Marks  2 years ago
Betsy R. Marks, Silicon Web Costumers' Guild President, ICG BOD Alternate, here.


Elaine  6:37 AM
In a related vein,  this move to Slack effectively removes the ability for folks who do not own smartphones or have access to internet at home to represent  their chapters. Yes,  those folks do still exist,  and are members of our BoD. There needs to be an alternate way of communication for them, otherwise the BoD becomes an exclusive club, with possible barriers of age &/or socioeconomic status.


Jeanine Swick  6:01 PM
ICG Treasurer here. I have multi device access but do not spend all day at a computer or device.