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Mera Rose  4:16 AM
Kevin has accepted the nomination.


Jacalyn Boggs  9:18 AM
Point of Information: Can we get a copy of the Directors and Officers Insurance Policy?


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Mera Rose  2 years ago
I don’t know that one exists.  @Jeanine Swick do we have such a policy?


Jacalyn Boggs  1:55 PM
It is imperative that we get several documents because the recent spate of harassment and defamation of character costing us officers, chapters, members, and potential members.  For review, here is a fairly simple anti-harassment document we could use and put to serious discussion. Note: I did run this through my personal legal counsel.

[This file was deleted.]


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Helps if I don't save the wrong file...


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

[Anti-Harassment Policy.pdf]


Merrily  2:06 PM
I would like to see the outcome from the investigation to see how we may need to adjust the standard template to make sure it covers our needs. We don't want anyone else to feel hurt by not having an appropriate document in place.


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Which is why I've been working on this. We simply don't have time to move at glacial speeds. We need a starting place.  Meanwhile, I refuse to 1. stay silent and 2. not show the general membership that I'm willing to move in the direction I've recommended them to request of their BOD reps.


Dragan Rose  2:12 PM
And I am happy to offer the GCFCG'S anti- harassment policy as well. I will post it later when I get home. (Out celebrating the wedding anniversary with my hubby).


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
You have a lovely anniversary!


Betsy R. Marks  2:13 PM
As am I, as soon as I finish drafting the version for Costume-Con. Hoping to have that finished this weekend, to run by Karen Schnaubelt.


Mera Rose  2:24 PM
Here’s what I had been drafting adapting from standard policies for ICG use.  Use it or don’t, adapt if you’d like...  that is the extent of my input on this convo.


[Draft Language for ICG Policies.docx]


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Thank you for doing this. I know with your exiting the guild, you don't have to work on anything like this, but it's good to know someone else had been working besides myself.



Mera Rose  2 years ago
No worries.  I offer what I’ve got, if it helps awesome, if it doesn’t, ignore it.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
That's the best you can offer us.


Vicky Assarattanakul  2 years ago
I LOVE THIS!  It is clear and comprehensive, and definitely enforceable.

(Elaine Mami)


Vicky Assarattanakul  2 years ago
I can accept this statement. As I read it, the statement is worded so as to avoid references to U.S. statutes and organizations, which is important since we have had several chapters located outside the U.S. and presently have one. I note that under “No Retaliation” on the 3rd page the reference to “employees” probably should read, “members or employees.” I also simply note that harassment may be a criminal act in some U.S. states (like New York).Byron


Mera Rose  3:52 PM
This begins the 5 day objection period under standing rule 17G.  Please make any formal objections on this thread.  If no objections are received by Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 at 6:51pm (5 days from now), then the vote to accept this chapter application will be held until Nov. 10, 2019 at 6:51pm.


Mera Babineaux


On Nov 1, 2019, at 6:04 PM, Vicky [ICG-BOD] <> wrote:


Thank you Marianne, I will be in contact with this chapter shortly to confirm the receipt of their application.


Vicky Assarattanakul


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From: Marianne Pease <>
Sent: Friday, November 1, 2019 4:29:19 PM
To: <>; <>; <>
Subject: Fwd: Ohio River Valley Chapter Application

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From: Randy Smith <>
Date: Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 10:46 AM
Subject: Ohio River Valley Chapter Application



My name is Randy Smith, and we are contacting you regarding the founding of a Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild here in our local area. We have a large group of Cosplayers, Costumers and Live Action Role Players in the Ohio Valley area and we would love to join the ICG to help provide a home for them to learn, grow and prosper. 


Our members have already held panels and workshops at major conventions in this area, and our group plans on continuing to help educate and grow our ever expanding community. I think that we may have found kindred spirits in the ICG, and we would like to formally apply for chapter status. I think that this will be mutually beneficial to both of our organizations, and we look forward to working closely with the ICG moving forward. We already have many who have shown interest in joining the organization and we expect this particular chapter to expand quickly once our chapter is established.


We, the undersigned, formally request affiliation with the International Costumers’ Guild as the Ohio River Valley Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, also known as "Cosplay United " representing the Ohio River Valley Region (to include Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio and South Eastern Illinois). Our chapter mailing address is 4402 South Second Street, Apt 2 / Louisville KY 40214. Our initial board of officers are listed below. Please advise us if we have been accepted. 

If you have any further questions, or would like to talk to me personally you may contact me at: 270-505-9382


Randy SmithRandy L Smith
-President / ICG Board RepresentativeBryan Patrick
-Vice PresidentRebecca Hermann
-SecretaryHeather Day


Additional Members: Jenn Glos Hall, Anthony Hall, Katherine Smith
Posted by: Vicky <>
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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Hurray! More people! I’m in for this!


Merrily  6:05 PM
I thought when Mera announced Ron would be coming on she also said there would be no business unless it was an emergency. Has that board recess been rescinded even though Ron has not started nor has the investigation been completed?


Mera Rose  6:13 PM
I asked that there please be no new business, not that we were in recess.  It was more of a plea than a declaration.In other words, please don’t do anything that requires me to do more than assign a motion number.  I’m not getting involved beyond that.  Arguments start, I’m telling you to wait until Ron comes.  Cause I refuse to deal with any more than very routine business so the corporation can continue.  Recess happens in February.


Merrily  6:21 PM
Okay, then I’ll ask. How do we intend to support the new chapter so they feel supported and flourish?


Judy Mitchell  6:27 PM
Actually you said that unless there was some "super urgent thing that absolutely can't wait, please keep all remaining business matters other than nominations on hold until Ron is available in roughly two weeks." You want the screen cap? I could have sworn others had also said that while we do welcome new chapters, this was not the time to bring them in. I would love to see a chapter in the Ohio River Valley, but it is not pertinent to nominations nor is it an emergency. The same with the harassment policy. Yes we should have one, no it's not an emergency that can't wait until we deal with the elections.


Dragan Rose  6:38 PM
I agree with Judy. Can we explained to the Ohio folks that we have had a situation at the moment that we need to delay things for two weeks and then they can have our less divided attention?


Merrily  6:40 PM
We should be able to tell them the bod is on a 2 week break and will be voting on this when they return.


Dragan Rose  6:42 PM
That sounds reasonable.


Jacalyn Boggs  6:47 PM
I would remind everyone this is a public channel, there’s nothing in Bylaws or Standing Rules to hold new chapter on boarding and we are not on any sort of recess. This is when they applied and we need to dealt with it in a timely fashion according to standing rule 17G and not lied to.


Judy Mitchell  6:50 PM
No one is lying to them. We are merely holding to exactly what Mera, as acting president requested. No more, no less.


Merrily  6:54 PM
2 weeks is still timely. It’s not like we are saying next year.


Dragan Rose  6:56 PM
And then we can give them the attention they need.


Judy Mitchell  6:59 PM
Why can't they be told that "the Bod is in an unofficial recess for two weeks until a critical matter is resolved. Then we will happily look at their application, please bear with us."


Dragan Rose  7:19 PM
I posted this to general and am re-posting here. These are the amendments that the GCFCG passed earlier this year.

[GCFCG By Law Amendments 2019.pdf]


Jacalyn Boggs  7:21 PM
Well primarily because the BOD is not in a recess.  We cannot suddenly create one to blockade a chapter from joining. Even if we did, please remember that with this channel being public, and a BOD rep will be able to come in and see these comments.  You can dislike the timing, but this is when this potential chapter chose to apply. We should be grateful after the PR nightmare of last week.  Let’s not continue to make this mistake. Please review the petition. It is a pretty exciting group that looks like they are pretty solid as a group. They are currently growing their group and see our similarity to them. I can think of no conceivable reason to actually object to this.


Dragan Rose  7:28 PM
And I am fine with them joining us, put me down as a "YES".


Also I am putting together everything that folks have handed me. I hope to get the hard copy of all the statements and evidence I was give together by the end of the week. I am currently working on finding a reviewer to go over the findings and give their recommendations.



Judy Mitchell  7:37 PM
Please note i said "unofficial recess" ,I'm not claiming a full official recess. So you are refusing to abide by Mera's request that all business not of election nature be put in hold? I think the chapter looks great, but a reasonable presidential request is a reasonable request


Mera Rose  8:45 PM
Quite a bit has happened in the last 24 hours, as well as the last 10 days.  Let’s all try to stay very calm and respond in a professional manner.


This discussion needs to be kept to the merits and concerns regarding the chapter petition as allowed by the bylaws and standing rules.


If my previous statement was misunderstood, apologies, but I will not delay a chapter from being considered.  This is normal business.  I did not want another group to be turned away or give up, especially in light of the number of members who have recently left and the number of potential members that have been turned away.


The 5 days to lodge an objection to the chapter based on the petition’s content ends on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 at 6:51pm.  If there is no objection on the petition’s content, the vote will begin at 6:51pm on Nov 5, 2019, and end on Nov. 10, 2019 at 6:51pm.  Please phrase your objections accordingly and address the content of the petition.


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Thank you very much.  I thought you had been clear, but I’m sorry that anyone was confused. Hopefully we can continue to move forward with normal business.