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Jeanine Swick  7:15 AM

Please get your membership reports in on time so there is a proper member list for the annual meeting.


Anne Davenport  7:43 PM

We will be approving 2019 meeting minutes at the BoD meeting in a couple of weeks. I have the draft. Marianne took care of having copies of the 2018 minutes last year. Is someone else expecting to do it and need a copy of them?  If I do it, how many hard copies should I bring -- I did not see any specifications for this in the Standing Rules.  I can make the minutes available for viewing on my laptop before the meeting.  These meeting minutes are long, so I hope we don't need many copies.  This is the outline for the 2019 meeting minutes.




kevin.p.roche  7:50 PM

It falls under SR 26. 50 copies. 
There is a Staples one block away from the hotel that can print for pickup (I will be doing that for the guidelines document. ) 
If this is the document that needs to be printed, I can add it to the order. 
There will need to be a motion authorizing reimbursement for printing costs. 


Anne Davenport  8:05 PM

Do we need to have 50 copies of all the attachments?  One of them is the powerpoint of the 5-year plan - it's long and in color and it was part of the meeting and should be in the minutes.


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kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

We do not have to make 50 copies of last year's attachments, just the main minutes.


Anne Davenport  8:06 PM

Do you want me to make copies, or should I e-mail them to you?  If so, which e-mail? I won't be arriving in Montreal until Thursday evening?


kevin.p.roche  8:07 PM

Email. There is no reason to schlep reams of paper across borders. 


That is a very good question about the plan. I will get back to you.