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Anne Davenport  2:53 PM

A couple of things .... I had to post the check-in with the 2019-2020 officers on it, but we need to go on to the upcoming officers.......


President: Kevin Roche
Vice President: Jan Price
Treasurer: Jeanine Swick
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Ware
Recording Secretary: Anne Davenport


When can we convene?  How?  Privacy issues aside, maybe we can have a test convening on Zoom and talk?  Also, in the interests of supporting our chapters, I think we need to do follow-up contacts with Chapters that don't check in, let them know we're still thinking of them.  I could do that, but I don't have the contact info.  Any opinions/suggestions?


kevin.p.roche  3:00 PM

We’re 2/3 of the way to launching the new board list via google. I got (apologies) sidetracked by a piece of business regarding my mortgage. I’ll try to get it launched tomorrow. 


Anne Davenport  8:40 PM

Thanks.  Times are much, much too interesting these days.