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Randy Smith  8:31 AM

Okay, I was under the impression that we had moved away from Slack. SInce I had gotten my new computer I had not even bothered to log into Slack.


I sent an email to those I could reach, and I want to share it with the rest of the ICG BOD, as I feel something needs to be addressed.


please keep in mind that when I wrote this this morning I was under the impression that the ICG had moved off of Slack, and I was trying to check in repeatedly, only for my emails to be sent back to me saying that I could not send emails to that group. Here is the email I sent this morning to those I had the addresses for:


"I am still trying to check in


This has become FAR harder than it needs/should be.
I would like to make a formal request that we revisit this move made by the BOD on where to meet.


When our group joined, Slack was a simple meeting place to gather and discuss things, share ideas and chat. Now not only can our member not do any of those things, I have just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how to check in.


In my opinion, moving away from a system like Slack was a horrible move for the ICG, and we should definitely revisit that decision.


Also, I have been trying to contact this ein charge about getting our chapter’s 501c3 status (GEL letter?) taken care of as well as access to the other benefits of us becoming a chapter of the ICG such as “tech soup” and other discounts supposedly available to us. All to no avail. 


I know there are those in this group who didn’t care for Mera and her leadership while President… but she was helpful and she got things done by working with us. Since her departure, not a single person has contacted our chapter to offer aid in any way and any attempts by us to get much needed info have been met with near silence from our current management team.


I recognize that with Covid-19 things are not only harder to accomplish, but people have become less motivated in general. I just hope this message reaches anyone, and that they can relay this info to those who can/are willing to do something about it. 


We joined the ICG with the hope of becoming part of a larger family, but currently we feel like forgotten second-cousins.I am sending this to every email address I can in the hopes that someone reads it. I thank you for your time."


I also wanted to share that the ONLY reason I found out that we were still on Slack was that I contacted Mera again to see if she could help us contact anyone... and she immediately offered her aid. I have seen the way Mera has been treated by the ICG, and I want you to know that from my dealings with her, she has been nothing but kind and helpful... even when it was to help someone contact a group that had treated her so poorly, she did not hesitate to help. That, to me speaks a lot about her, her character, and the character of those who I've witnessed within the ICG for the way they have treated her, and for the general way our entire chapter have been treated.


Our chapter wants to be a part of the ICG, we searched you out... saw that we could mutually help each other and after talking with you online made the choice to join. The ICG can be much more than it currently is. We can become a huge family of liked minded individuals who share love and knowledge with one another... but currently we are not doing that, and that needs to change.


I want to hear from you guys, what can we do to make that change? how to we become greater as a whole? move past the in-fighting and the squabbling? and grow to become the best ICG that we have ever been?


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

This was so well put.  I believe the ICG could be so much more and was excited to help move the organization forward.  I'm sorry that you've had such a hard time getting anything done.  Slack was a wonderful resource and there's a reason why it's a top business tool currently.If I can ever help you with your cosplay life, let me know.  I'm sorry that I am no longer in a position to help you with the ICG.  You are amazing and I know your community is going to do great things for your area.  If you haven't already, feel free to friend me on social media.  ((HUGS))


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

I have replied in the new board meeting google group.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Kevin, you need to make sure that Randy is in the group as he doesn't appear to know how to get information.  It would probably be wise to post a response here just to ensure that he can see it.


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

Hi Jacalyn -- his note did came into the google meeting group as well, that's how I was able to respond there!  The zombie YG messages are definitely confusing people.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

He still seems to be having trouble contacting people and it would probably be wise to include the response here for anyone who doesn't have access to the google meeting group.  It is clear from his post that there's definitely some sort of a communication error.  Ensuring the response is in as many places as possible is the best solution, especially given what has been said in his post here regarding how Slack is a more stable communication platform accessible to all instead of being difficult for people to be able to communicate on.


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

I also cc'd him directly.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

So you are saying not having the response accessible to all is your plan.  Got it.  Thanks for clarifying


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

Please read the DM I just sent you.


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

I haven't posted it here yet because the ownership transfer of the workspace from Mera to the ICG never went through properly.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

THere's no need for DM's .  If you wanted it to be public, you'd make it public.  It's fine.  You guys have made your stance quite lear


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Eh, do what you want.  You can post it here if you want.  What are you afraid of?I consider this more a place to chill and talk cosplay with people at this point since the powers that be in the ICG leadership don't want use the space. Which means the slack team can actually be an enjoyable place like every other slack team I'm on.  I'm good with the no drama and let's just talk cosplay life. 


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

I've reached her and we're trying (again) to fix it


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

The owner of the workspace should have absolutely nothing to do with posting a timely response.  That's on you, bro.  But seriously, do what you want.  Unless the vote in the spring released you from being president... then let the president do what they want.  Mera's been out since February and trying to move on with her life which is good.  She needs to heal from the garbage board members did to her.


Patrick  9:59 AM

I got a request today in my Yahoo Mail, to do my monthly check-in at the Yahoo Group.  I followed the link, but the post bounced, and I was told I no longer had authorization to post to that group.  I guess that makes me one of the unpopped kernels in the popcorn ball of life...   Patrick from Chicago.


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Yahoo may finally be dead.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Even Peewee Herman's death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was shorter than the death throes of Yahoo Groups. lol


Patrick  2 years ago

Zombie reminders are still undead today...


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Zombies are cool. 


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

We turned off posting privileges in the old Yahoogroup for everyone precisely because of the zombie calendar reminders. We're not sure if they'll go away even if we delete the group outright.


Jeanine Swick  11:29 AM

Posting to Yahoo has been turned off. It was announced last month.


Mera Rose  12:38 PM

The request has been sent (again) to have it transferred.  I’m deleting the app and as soon as it’s been transferred and I’ll be deleting my account because I don’t need it.  Y’all have my email.  It may take a few days to respond because I’m not on it often (rural internet) but you can get me there or on FB messenger if you need something from me.  Kevin should have all the permissions he needs when the transfer request is done.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Be safe and be well.


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

I don't see how it even matters since all the business has been moved off of Slack and is excluding people/making things apparently very difficult.  They made it clear they don't want to use slack so why anyone is even making a big deal out of it is beyond me.


They just are using it as an excuse to not be open and honest in their dealings which makes me wonder what they have against Randy and his cosplay group other than he came in when they decided to try to make up lies about other groups attempting to affiliate with the ICG.  What a shame.


I've been quite healthy and happy not having to deal with the drama any more.  I think it's been a really positive thing and I'm starting to feel like maybe I can cosplay again now that some distance has passed from everything last year when I was seriously debating never cosplaying again to avoid these people.  I realized that hte ICG is a very small fish in a very large ocean and there's plenty of places to go where I am welcome to express myself and share my cosplay.   By the time Covid is over, I am hoping to have found a place for me and my machines to set up shop so I can begin crafting again.


I was so stressed out and depressed I didn't even try to find someplace to help make masks which is a pretty sad state of affairs IMHO.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Also, I'm fine with you keeping ownership of this so we can still just have a place to chat cosplay.  It's what it's supposed to be about anyway.  At least with things the way it is, I know that there's people who will be able to access it to have that good chat.  I don't believe that will happen if it transfers.


Of course, I'm on so many slack teams because it's only used by Fortune 500 companies and is one of the top business tools out there that I can just not talk about cosplay and chill in those very functional and professional groups. 


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Hehehehe Seriously told my publisher about the leaving slack and his response was "But it's used by fortune 500 companies."  LOL. Yeah I know.  

Also sent to the channel


kevin.p.roche  2 years ago

I will say this again: 

Enterprise Slack, which is what my Fortune 500 employer uses and costs thousands of dollars a year, has the necessary data and moderation tools to be used as a business resource. 

This version does not. I spoke with Slack support about this directly last year. Without those protections, it is not an appropriate vehicle for conducting business and holding business records, which is what an online board meeting tool must do. 

It is perfectly fine as a social media tool. 

Any member in good standing of any chapter of the ICG may join the Board Meeting google group as a viewer to watch the board discussions. Several already have. That group ( may be subscribed to as an email list, or accessed as a webforum


(It is hosted via the corporate gSuite version of Google Groups, not the free version. Just like with Slack, that difference provides the protections needed to conduct business. )


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Eh, good enough for other non profits, but do what you want.   You've all made your position quite clear to some of us.  @Randy Smith, best of luck!