ICG Board of Directors
Resolutions and Voting Tally

Motion 12-07-01.
Status: Passed

Motion:Do you approve Motion 12-07-01 ( Jan Price moved, Rob Himmelsbach seconded) to accept the proposed 2008 budget as submitted by Bruce MacDermott on 11/26/07?

President (Nora Mai)  
Vice-President (Jan Price) YES
Recording Secretary (Frances Burns)  
Corresponding Secretary (Karen Heim) YES
Treasurer (Bruce MacDermott) YES
Armed Costumers Guild (Henry Osier) YES
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Northwest (Julie Zetterberg) YES
Chicagoland Costumers Guild (Michele Solomon)  
Costumers Guild of Western Pennsylvania (Erin Brown)  
Dallas-Ft. Worth Costumers Guild (Jennifer Thompson) YES
Delaware Valley Costumers Society (Rob Himmelsbach) YES
Denver Costumer and Cosplay Society (Mike Bruno) YES
Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada (Dawn McKechnie)  
Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild (Ann Hamilton)  
Kansas City Costumer's Guild (Harold Agnew)  
Middle Tennessee Costumer's Guild (Denyse Hammen)  
NJ/NY Costumers Guild (Dora Buck)  
Northern Lights Costumers Guild (Janice Dallas) YES
St. Louis Costumers Guild (Bruce Mai) YES
Silicon Web Costumers Guild (Aurora Celeste) YES
SouthEast Costumers Guild (Marissa Wronka) YES
Southwest Costumers Guild (Lyn Jeppesen)  
Utah Costumers Guild (Dave Doerring)  

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