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Glitziana The International Costumers' Guild is comprised of its affiliated chapters. Most chapters are local to a geographic region. and meet on a regular basis to trade tips, skills and ideas among members. Many also produce newsletters several times a year, and use other social media to share information and exchange ideas.

Contact your nearest chapter or visit their web site for membership information.

If there is no chapter in your area and you have at least five other people who are also interested in costuming, why not start your own chapter? The details and requirements for doing so are located on the Starting a New Chapter page.

Armed Costumers Guild Armed Costumers Guild

c/o Henry Osier
2705 N. Shepard Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Contact: Henry Osier
ICG Board Representative:
Henry Osier

Beyond Reality Costumers' Guild Beyond Reality Costumers' Guild (BRCG)

c/o Julie Zetterberg
8515 S. 113th Street
Seattle, WA 98178-3316
Web site:

Contact: Julie Zetterberg
ICG Board Representative:
Julie Zetterberg

Chicagoland Costumers Guild Chicagoland Costumers Guild
a/k/a "The Chicago M.O.B."

c/o Barbara Wright
1926 N. Maple Ave
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Web site:

Contact: Barbara Wright
ICG Board Representative:
Sue Edmunds

Denver Costume Cosplay Society Denver Costume & Cosplay Society

c/o Michael Bruno
1218 Florence Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Web site:

Contact: Michael Bruno
ICG Board Representative:
Mike Bruno

Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada

c/o Dawn McKechnie
2001 Bonnymede Dr
Suite 148, Building 2
Mississauga, ON
L5J 4H8

Web site:

Contact: Dawn McKechnie
ICG Board Representative:
Dawn McKechnie

Gem State Costumers Gem State Costumers

c/o Sarah Talbert
2661 Bedford Lane
Boise, ID 83705

Web site:

Contact: Sarah Talbert
ICG Board Representative:
Krista Atwood

Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumer's Guild The Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumer's Guild

P.O. Box 683
Columbia, MD 21045

Web site:

ICG Board Representative:
Ann Hamilton

Greater Delaware Valley Costumers' Guild The Greater Delaware Valley Costumers' Guild

c/o Chuck Whitney
128 Greenwood Ave
Jenkintown PA 19046

Web site:

Contact: Chuck Whitney
ICG Board Representative:
Vicki Warren

Kansas City Costumers' Guild Kansas City Costumers' Guild

c/o Erica Schott
4015 Overland Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049

Web site:

Contact: Erica Schott
ICG Board Representative:
Jennifer Old-d'Entremont

Madison Area Costuming Society Madison Area Costuming Society (MACS)

c/o Stacey Feldman
5 Kurt Drive
Madison WI 53714

Web site:

Contact: Stacey Feldman
ICG Board Representative:
Stacey Feldman

Minnesota Society of Costumers Minnesota Society of Costumers (MN-SOC)

PO Box 131943
Roseville, MN 55113-0022

Web site:

Contact: Maggie Schultz
ICG Board Representative:
Erin Schneider

NJ/NY Costumers' Guild New Jersey / New York Costumers' Guild
aka Sick Pups

c/o NJ/NY Costumers' Guild
50 Dove St.
Albany, NY 12210-1811

Web site:

Contact: Elaine Mami
ICG Board Representative:
Byron Connell

Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Northern Lights Costumers Guild (NoeL)

c/o Susan Smith
1 Glen Meadow Road
Franklin, MA 02038

Web site:

Contact: Susan Smith
ICG Board Representative:
Judy Mitchell

St. Louis Costumers' Guild The St. Louis Costumers Guild
a/k/a The St Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society (SLUTS)

c/o Bruce Mai
7835 Milan
University City, MO 63130

Web site:

Contact: Bruce Mai
ICG Board Representative:
Bruce Mai

Silicon Web Costumers' Guild The Silicon Web Costumers Guild
a/k/a The Virtual Costumers' Guild

c/o Deb Salisbury
100 PR 232
Abbott, TX 76621

Web site:

Contact: Deb Salisbury
ICG Board Representative:
Elaine Sims

Southwest Costumers' Guild Southwest Costumers Guild

P.O. Box 39504
Phoenix, AZ 85069-9504

Web site:

Contact:Randall Whitlock
ICG Board Representative:
Randall Whitlock

Utah Costumers' Guild Utah Costumers' Guild
aka The Sew-and-Sewzz

5310 S. 5420 W.
Kearns, UT 84118

Web site:

Contact: Mary Ellen Smith
ICG Board Representative:
Mary Ellen Smith

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