Our lady of the Shiny Things

IN THE BEGINNING, there was the Word, and the Word was Costuming; and the great goddess Glitziana looked down and saw that something was missing; and She brought forth Rhinestones and Sequins, and all that was bright and shiny; and the Spotlight did shine upon them; and it was good.

And She did say onto them, "Go forth, my children and be creative," and the children did go forth into the unenlightened world and brought brightness to the multitude; and the multitude was impressed, except Boston. But, it was not enough; and Her children rose up and did cry out, "Give us more!"

And She did reach out and touch Her disciples; and divine inspiration flowed forth; and yea unto them was born a new con; and it was called Costume Con, and it was good.

And Costume Con 1 begat Costume Con 2; and Costume Con 2 begat Costume Con 3; and Costume Con 3 begat Costume Con 4; and lo, from Costume Con 4 was sprung Costume Con 5 to the light of leikos and video cameras; and verily we say unto thee, it was good.

And yea, we shall learn, and from this learning go forth and spread the Word of Glitziana to the unenlightened that they may be awed and go "ooooo!"

As given to the Prophets Denice, Elaine and Carl. And as handed to the Internet Guy by Toni Lay

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