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Jennifer Old-d'Entremont, KCCG President  9:06 PM

As the President of the Kansas City Costumers' Guild (KCCG), it is my duty to notify the Board of Directors of the International Costumers Guild that the KCCG has elected to withdraw our association with the ICG, effective immediately.  Our membership held a variety of valued reasons for this change, but overall we felt that the support of our goals for the local costuming community would be best served as an independent entity.


I would like to thank the ICG and the founder of the KCCG for having created the platform through which so many of us found one another.  Although our priorities have diverged, we wish the ICG well in your pursuits and look forward to crossing paths at costume-related activities in the years to come.



Jennifer Old-d'Entremont
President, Kansas City Costumers' Guild


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Mera Rose  2 years ago

Thank you for letting the ICG know.  I wish you and your chapter continued success in everything you do in the costuming world and beyond.  Cordially, 
Mera Babineaux


Jeanine Swick  2 years ago

With the disassociation of the Kansas City Costumers' Guild (KCCG) chapter all members who are currently members in good standing of the International Costumers’ Guild, Inc (ICG) have been transferred to the Temporary-Chapter (T-Chapter). This is your chapter until you transfer your ICG membership to another ICG chapter or your membership expires on the paid through date listed on the corporation membership roster. You will not lose any of the ICG benefits of the newsletter or shopping discounts during this time. 


The chapter members now need to elect a representative to serve as a Director on the Board of Directors within sixty (60) days of it becoming active as of April 3,2020. If no representative is elected within that period, the appointed corporate officer, as a member of the T-Chapter, shall appoint a representative from within its membership. 


Additional information may be found in the ICG Standing Rules number 13.


Mera Rose  2 years ago

I appointed Jacalyn Boggs as T-chapter rep until NOVA chooses one back in December to ensure that the t-chapter still had representation as she had previously been the rep.  If NOVA does not make a designation to change that by February 19, then Jacalyn Boggs will remain as the t-chapter rep.  If anyone from KCCG is interested in acting as rep for the t-chapter, they can also contact me, as I’m sure Jacalyn would be happy for the relief from any position at this point.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago

Sorry to see you guys go, though I respect your decision. I know how difficult it must have been. Happy costuming to everyone in your group.