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Dragan Rose  3:59 AM
I think at this point I have all the information I need. My next step is to going through the Maryland non-profit network to find someone to do the review. I am not sure how long the review will take, but I will keep everyone updated on the timeline for the resolution of this.


Mera Rose  10:38 AM
We are still waiting on the final #archivedboardofdirectors and other private channels API and JSON files from Slack, and I was asked to confirm the admin privileges this morning.  


When I originally requested the API/JSON files for the private channels from slack, all admin access was removed except for Dragan Rose (Sara) as admin for the investigation, Phil Gust as tech committee chairman, myself as Acting President, and Vicky A., and Anne Davenport as Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.  


When I logged in to check the status on the API and JSON files today, I found that Betsy Marks, Jeanine Swick, and Merrily Wolf had been added back as admins.  I am not certain as to why this happened, but, I have removed access for Betsy Marks and Merrily Wolf at this time, and left Jeanine's access as she is our treasurer.  I have also added the tech committee members as admins at this time, so that they can look into slack's capabilities and begin discussion on tech and communication issues.  


At this time, until the API/JSON files are available for the private channels, I will leave additional admin/access decisions to the tech committee.


Betsy R. Marks  10:40 AM
You may find when you discuss this with Phil Gust that I am now a part of the Tech Committee. Please have that conversation as soon as possible, thank you.


Merrily  10:42 AM
At one point bod members were given admin access.


Mera Rose  10:43 AM
That's up to the BoD and tech committee to decide.  I'm just attempting to preserve this until backups, which may be moot at this point, can be made.


You're not listed on the website as part of the tech committee, so I removed your access.  If Phil would like you on the tech committee, then he is welcome to add you as he is also an owner.


Betsy R. Marks  10:46 AM
I've directed an email to Phil regarding the issue. Thank you.


Dragan Rose  10:53 AM
@mera rose I was the one who added Merrily, Jeanine, and Betsy back. It was my mistake because I thought we had everything we needed and could restore access to the other admins.


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Mera Rose  2 years ago
No problem.  It's been fixed and the Tech Committee members are the admins until Ron can come on board and handle any necessary elections/appointments.


Jeanine Swick  10:54 AM
The issue is that the names on the website are not regularly updated. Not to mention that it takes several reminders to get it done.


Mera Rose  11:01 AM
Thank you for pointing that out, Jacalyn.  Its Standing Rule 28C.  Marianne's list of Tech Committee members is on the website and I have not appointed anyone to any committees, nor will I.  I will leave that to Ron Robinson to handle once he comes on board.



Mera Rose  11:33 AM
I have gotten a response back on the export - and unfortunately we cannot export private channels on our current plan, which is free for 501(c)3s.  Slack does offer an upgraded plan that would give us this option, and they give an 85% discount to 501(c)3s.  The upgraded plan is $12.99/user/mo, so for one MONTH of access it would be $779.40 for 400 users.  We do have a $50 credit that could be used towards that.


This is, of course, if the #archivedboardofdirectors transcript including all edits, changes, and deletions since the beginning of the channel is required by Dragan Rose (Sara) for the investigation or if the BoD would like that record for any reason.


Screenshots attached.

[Image from iOS-1]

[Image from iOS-2]

[Image from iOS-3]


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Is that total users or active users for the month? Slack does some odd things with how they count users that are active for the month.

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Mera Rose  2 years ago
I believe it is total number of users, but I have emailed them to be sure.


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
They way other stuff is charged, it has to do with who is active.  It's rather confusing.

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Mera Rose  2 years ago
Here is the answer on cost:

[Image from iOS-4]


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Hmm. That’s quite a chunk of money. I think this will have to be a vote of the BOD.


Mera Rose  2 years ago
Yes, someone would have to make a motion and second and then the board would vote.  As this is part of the investigation, Sarah would have to let the BoD know if it’s necessary.


Mera Rose  2 years ago
@Dragan Rose


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago


Elaine  4:51 PM
There  was a question as to why a now two year defunct chapter is still listed on the website. It seems to have been deleted. How about the web team fixes what they're  supposed  to?


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Jeanine Swick  2 years ago
But CosMAKTx who just left the ICG has been removed from the site!


Betsy R. Marks  4:52 PM
As long as the ICG is being investigated, nothing should be deleted from this channel for any reason.


Mera Rose  5:13 PM
No, it absolutely shouldn’t, which is why admin access was removed to protect all data integrity while the export was done.


Patrick  7:12 PM
How do I add members to CCG User Group?  I was able to add me but don't know where to go from there.


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Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Tap on the channel name and add/invite.  Or tag them with the @ in the channel.


Patrick  2 years ago
I am not sure if the group @mob is a 'channel' or something else.  Tried what you suggested but couldn't see any way to add anyone to the CCG group, called '@mob' (?)


Jacalyn Boggs  2 years ago
Patrick, if you PM me, i will help you out. But I’m at the movie theatre right now so it will be about an hour or so.  Ok?


Mera Rose  7:42 PM

Kevin Roche has been nominated for the Interim President seat.  @kevin.p.roche - will you accept the nomination?