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GDVCG member Sandy Swank won two awards. Craftsman level Workmanship and Most Distrubing was awarded for "Save the Cheerleader Save the World". Costume by Sandy Swank

As the Vice President of the GDVCG in 2000 Sandy Swank pulled his friends, fellow GDVCG members, and resouces to put on a group presentation titled "MAD COWS Through History". Cows on Parade was the theme happening in downtown Chicago that year so Sandy and Friends couldn't think of a better way to honor that theme.

Sandy's Herd as this small group became known as was awarded the honorary title Moo-st Humoorous by the judges that year. 

The Masquerade, a WorldCon feature since DisCon 1 in 1963, is one of the top five events of any WorldCon. Costumers from literally around the world come to present their craft. Themes range from the ridiculous to the sublime, from drama to high camp. The costume may be a solo entry or a group endeavor (group costumes have become increasingly common in recent years). A costume might have been thrown together for next to nothing,  it may have cost hundreds of dollars to make and been years in construction.

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Member costume Photos

Photos from Chicon 2000 (58th World Science Fiction Convention Masquerade)

Chicago IL, Labor Day weekend 2000


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"The Cowtic Warrior"

Costume created and Modeled by GDVCG member John Syms

"Great American Cowboy"

by Sandy Swank GDVCG   Modeled by David Rivers Calgary Canada

"Bovita Peron First Heffer of Agentina"

Created and Modeled By Mrs Joni Dashoff GDVCG

"Cownan The Barbarian"

by Sandy Swank GDVCG   Modeled by Andy Trembly Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild California

The Dairy Fairy and Little Cow

Created by Margaret Meisner GDVCG modeled by Margaret Meisner and son Robert (Tigger) Meisner

"Elsie Borden, Mrs O'Leary's Cow who started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871"

Created by Laura Syms GDVCG Modeled by Laura Syms

"Hugh Heiffer & Playcow"

Created by Jarod Dashoff Modeled by Jarod Dasoff and Friend

"Mona Liza"

Created by Vicki Warren GDVCG Modeled by Vicki Warren

"Royal Cownadian Moonted Policeman"

Created by Jay Meisner GDVCG Mdeled by Jay Meisner

Judges' Choice - Most Cowrageous - "Royal Cownadian Moonted Police"
Costume worn, designed & made by: Jay Meisner

"Aramoos, The Mooskowteer"

Created by Sandy Swank, Modeled by Sandy Swank

Lunacon 50 Masquerade winner for Craftsman level workmanship and Most Distrubing!

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