Sandy Swank President of the GDVCG is not only an avid costumer by hobby but also a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)  where he has an early 17th century persona as well as a historical renactor at his everyday job at a local Philadelphia,PA museum where you'll often find him in the persona of either an 18th century German farmer or as the Grandson of Pennsylvania founder William Penn. On this page you will find many references used as a research base for coustmes that Sandy enjoys creatining along with his many other just generally humorous stuff.

16th Century Womens:

16th Century Mens:

16th Century Children:

16th Century Mens and Womens:

SANDY this link is dead. Not sure what you referenced. Maybe something else???


SANDY this link is dead. Not sure what you referenced as geocities dead. SCA??. Maybe something else???

18th Century Mens/Womens:


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