How do I join the ICG?

Well, there's a bit of a trick to it. You don't join the ICG: you join one of its affiliated chapters. By extension you become a proud member of the International Costumers Guild!

Visit the ICG Chapters page to locate a chapter near you. If there isn't one, fear not, because you can still join many chapters as a remote member, or become a member of the Silicon Web Costumers' Guild, ICG's on-line virtual chapter! Most chapters have web sites that include information on how to join, as well as events and chapter activities. You'll find their web site addresses along with contact information in their chapter listing.

And if you have at least five other people in your area who are also interested in costuming, why not start your own chapter? The details and requirements for doing so are located on the Starting a New Chapter page.

We also have a costuming mailing list called ICG-D. You don't have to be a guild member to join; the list is for general costuming-related discussions and occasional bouts of silliness. If you'd like to sign up, visit the ICG-D Yahoo! group.

So feel free to browse our web site, email us if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon!

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