About the ICG

Glitziana The International Costumers' Guild was formed in 1985 in the wake of CostumeCon 3, when groups of costuming aficionados formed and subsequently united in a common cause. Our purpose is to bring hobbyist and professional costumers from around the world together, and to foster, through its chapters, local educational and social costume events.

We welcome everyone with an interest in the art of costuming - from concept to assembly to display and all stages in between - in all areas of costume. Our members include historic reenactors, professional, educational and community theatrical costumers, science fiction fans,renaissance festival participants, and a vast array of others who are interested in the making, wearing and display of costume.

The ICG exists on two levels; first, as an affiliated group of chapters. Most chapters meet on a regular basis, trading tips, skills and ideas among members. Many also produce newsletters several times a year, and use other social media to share information and exchange ideas.

On the International level, the ICG provides advice and expertise on a larger scale. Our mailing list is an excellent general resource, open to anyone with an interest in costuming. While the email discussion list is sponsored and managed by the ICG, anyone with an interest in costuming is welcome to sign up and join in the discussion.

The ICG Newsletter is provided to all members of the ICG as part of the annual membership dues in both a print and an on-line edition.

The ICG also maintains the ICG International Costumers Gallery and the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives, a large collection of photos, videos and costume-related materials from the nearly seven-decade history of Science Fiction fan-costuming.

Each year members of the ICG converge at Costume-Con, the annual convention of costume hobbyists and professionals. Held at a different site each year, Costume-Con is an exciting time to see what fellow costumers are working on, trade tips and tricks on design and construction, and in general celebrate the wide world of costuming with fellow aficionados.

We welcome you to our official website, invite you to poke around, and hope we've kindled your interest in joining our community!

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